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When it storms

Knowing that your situation doesn’t define you is important because some things that may come your way, have the power to break you. I know because I have been broken. I have hit the lowest of lows and once there, you are the only one that can get yourself out. You must strengthen your mind to know that you and your purpose are so much bigger than whatever you may be going through. See, sometimes what we go through can’t be fixed so instead of trying to fix the problem we must learn to weather the storm and be mentally still. This includes taking time to meditate, exercise, rest when needed, and be gentle with yourself. Our bodies communicate with us in many ways, but we must take time to understand what it is trying to say. So start listening to yourself. Sleep when tired, don’t go places that you don’t want to, and take time to yourself as needed. Having hope in hopeless situations seems impossible but just remember that life happens in seasons, you may be experiencing a season of rain right now (maybe even tornadoes) but just like every other season, eventually it will pass and the sun will be shining again.

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