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Keep Pushing

This week my favorite clothing brand celebrated a 6 year anniversary! The brand owner and I started off by having simple conversations regarding business and promotions but as I got to know his humble and genuine spirit it quickly blossomed into a wonderful friendship. Throughout our countless number of conversations, he told me about the trials and tribulations that he endured when he first started the brand .NICE 6 years ago. From first learning how to sew which led to him making outfits he cringes at now, dropping his first T-shirts, and being under a lot of harsh criticism the .NICE CEO dealt with a lot of stress, anxiety, and fear of failure but the most important fact is that he pushed through! Regardless of the lack of initial support, regardless of what haters had to say, and regardless of what the little mean voice in the back of his head said he kept pushing. And now, 6 years later, he is the best fashion designer in STL, with worldwide customers, and a constantly growing fanbase. Sometimes when we see someone succeed it's hard to envision a point at which they were not as successful, we see them on day 2,190 of their business but can't imagine what it is like on day 1. It's easy to feel as if we are the only one experiencing a roadblock or we are the only one not succeeding at what we want but we have to appreciate that the struggle is part of the journey as well. The .NICE brand wouldn't be what it is today without the adversity the CEO endured just like you wouldn't be you without the things that you have experienced because it's never really about how you start, or what you go through as long as you get back up everytime, learn from your mistakes, and try again. So, regardless of how hard school is, how bad sales are right now, how slow climbing the corporate ladder seems, or how much the gym doesn't feel like it's paying off, just keep pushing. You can do anything in this world that you put your mind to and if you ever forget that, head over to @kamrynice on instagram to see first hand how things can workout for you when you keep pushing. 

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