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- About The Brand -

Why This?


Throughout my life I have experienced everything from heartbreak, abuse, abandonment, poverty, and so much more. I began making my own skin care regimes in 2021 to treat acne and skin irritation. After having success with using these same things to treat bug bites and eczema, I realized that people don't have many options in terms of social platforms or skin care products so I have decided to share my products with the world in addition to creating a blog where we can talk about anything. 

Ingredient Commitment


Every product on this site was personally made by me and the ingredients were diligently picked to ensure great quality. These products have been tested on various skin types and now I am happy to bring these natural products to you. 

Return Policy 

Due to these being intimate beauty products we cannot accept returns but if you are not satisfied with a product we will accommodate a refund as long as it is requested within 15 days of you receiving the products.

Doesn't Define You.

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